How many games at a stretch you play?

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How many games at a stretch you play?

Post by kingsmasher1 on October 14th 2013, 2:17 pm

My games happens to be something like this:

These days i have purchased a membership at and i have got addicted to the quick 5 minute blitz.
There my blitz rating had reached once to a max 1620, and currently had been around 1450 for quite sometime (all 5 minute games, at least 98% i should say).

The problem is, i get caught up with a streak - 2 wins, 3 wins, 5 wins, 6 wins....losing starts...No 1 loss, 2 loss, 3, loss, 4 loss, 8 loses affraid stop the game, and now rating is around 1296

Back later, and again the wins starts. and the rating reaches 1450.

This pendulum has been around for me, and i have observed it, i wonder if it happens to you all. I also think if it even happens to titled players too, or they fix up a routine that max 10 games, and go home, or play unrated after 5 games etc.

I know this question looks silly jocolor  but really can't help.

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Re: How many games at a stretch you play?

Post by BorgQueen on November 18th 2013, 5:27 pm

If it is anything like other chess sites, then yes, this is normal... you win and win which results in your rating going up and then you play stronger players because of your rating and so you start losing. This happens quite a lot with online chess.

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