Can someone help me out of this?

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Can someone help me out of this?

Post by kingsmasher1 on September 10th 2011, 6:48 am

Hello All,
I am back at the ICS forum after some long time, and hope everyone is doing great Very Happy

I am having a problem. The thing is, although my ICS 1st year course is fully completed, and i have paid for the full one year course and i know it is great, but for some reason i just don't feel like reading it.

When i come home in the evening after office, i feel like playing some quick blitz (2 12) at FICS or do some tactics training, but just don't feel like reading ICS lessons.

When the course started in the first 2 months, i was too enthusiastic and tried solving every problem, or even go through same course twice.

But from the 3rd month onwards, i just don't feel like logging into ICS anymore Evil or Very Mad

Any remedy for this?? Or have you'll faced the same problem??? No No No No

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Re: Can someone help me out of this?

Post by BorgQueen on September 11th 2011, 9:18 pm

Motivation. What is it that you want from chess??

If you just want to play, then play.

If you want to improve and learn to become better, then mix play with study.

If you only want to play blitz games, then ICS won't help all that much since it takes time to assess positions and make plans etc... something I don't believe you really have time for in 2 minute blitz games!

Have a study partner... that will help motivate you, but they are hard to find!

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