hello guys of the ICS !!!! an open exposure to u !!!!

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hello guys of the ICS !!!! an open exposure to u !!!!

Post by Mohammad Ashraf on January 24th 2011, 3:40 am

hello guys ,
I am as I can say much stronger than u in terms of chess Wink but i do not boast of it.I believe knowledge is meant for sharing and that its the rule of knowledge to be shared. world cannot improve without this phenomena. I am a chess patron though grown late in age I have a dream of helping all the players of the chess fraternity to atleast manage to a standard which they can feel proud of.I have a rating of 2422 in playchess.com which as u may be knowing one of the strongest site for playing chess on the internet.

Why I am here??

well ofcourse to fulfill my dream of helping the needy ones, u guys can contact me anytime just leave a message to me in private asking me any question relating to chess any kind of amateur doubts that u have I will be obliged to clear them with pleasure.As i have passed through ur stages I know exactly where u are missing and lacking.I can help u improve in that sphere.

What do i want in return??

yeah!! this a big question on my character. I am an Indian famous for hospitality and faithfullness . I am trying to propagate my national emblem of peace ,honesty and dignity. ONE BIG ANSWER TO A COMMON QUESTION IN UR MIND IS THAT I DONT CHARGE U WITH ANY MONEY WHATSO EVER..!!!!!! Isnt that exciting then what do i want. well as i said I want to help u guys bcoz i know the desperation and pain that a chess player has after long hours of chess in a day without a sign of success .I charge u nothing for answering ur question in return all I want is ur cooperation and support .

I beleive in help and be helped philosophy .I help u today may be i ll be helped by u tomorrow who knows Very Happy

so guys dont worry untill I am here just feel free to exchange any problems u have here and i ll try my level best to help u out......

see u soon

Ashraf cheers cheers

Mohammad Ashraf
Learning the Rules
Learning the Rules

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