Andrei Istratescu on the computer

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Andrei Istratescu on the computer

Post by Blue Devil Knight on January 16th 2010, 5:06 pm

The GM contributor to our course says:
In general, chess software can identify only the tactical mistakes, but it is unable to discover and to indicate the real causes that have led to those mistakes or to other “position-understanding” mistakes.

The more I read into ICS material, the more I appreciate how much we have to rely on a different type of play and understanding than offered by the computer. Computer-dependence is an understandable thing, because they play like a super-GM. However, they explain about as well as an autistic agoraphobe. Just grinding through variations like an antisocial freak. The principled understanding of strategy and positions required for actual human play is to be found in human grappling with the position, wrestling with explanations and testing various ideas.

God I wish I was younger and had more time to devote to ICS! Maybe I should just try an hour a day for fun...use all their opening suggestions and such.

Who hasn't been in a major game, the kibitzers at ICC. GMs, IMs are there making comments on the plans and strategy inherent in the position, and some jackass patzer comes along 'Fritz gives it a +0.2' contributing next to nothing to the discussion (note I've been that jackass before).

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