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game 4

Post by 2kEloGoal on January 13th 2010, 12:24 am

Here I am again! Thanks for the posts for end game strategy. I will be sure to read up on those. I recently picked up John Nunn's Beating the Sicilian so, after I finish reading it I'll check those out.

Here I am again to post another game of mine. I've been too tired really to post a new one; but, I made sure I did my homework! Lol. I finished this month's assignment, I plan to just reread it again to absorb it more. Anyways, here's the game.

I play the white pieces and black is rated 1867. The game ends in a draw, but I was very lucky to pull it off as you will see. I used what ive learned from making a plan and it worked out. Any opinions or suggestions that you may recognize please post, I like constructive criticism.

Im currently analyzing the game with fritz- it normally takes about 30mins to do, so I'll just post it in a seperate post if I dont pass out lol.

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